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Our Beginner Starter Kit is ideal for new students, nail enthusiasts and professionals.

With this kit, you will be able to perform gel manicures and pedicures with all the basic products and tools and your choice of 2 top selling shades.

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Ideal for professional use. 

The U-Light Pro 6 Lamp features 48W double LED/UV light source to cure all types of gel products.  This is a light-weight, powerful and reliable professional lamp for all salon services. Piano lacquer gloss white finish. 

Enjoy a multitude of professional features including:

  • Gradual Cure Function: eliminates heat spikes during curing with a push of a button. Ideal for sensitive nails and Sculpting Gel System
  • Motion-activated start and finish 
  • LED digital countdown screen with 10 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds timer
  • Removable magnetic bottom tray for gel pedicures


  • 1 x U-Light Pro 6 LED/UV Lamp (48W)
    Features double LED/UV light source to cure all types of gel products with Gradual Cure function.
  • 1 x Removable Magnetic Bottom Tray
    Remove tray for easy gel pedicures.
  • 1 x Power Adapter Cord
  • 30-Day Limited Manufacturer Warranty

  • Specifications:
    Colour: Piano Lacquer Gloss White
    Dimensions: 8" x 7.5'' x 3.5"
    Power: 48W
    100-240V 50-60HZ 1A
    Wave length: 365+405nm


1. Connect AC power adapter.

2. Press ON/OFF button to turn lamp on.

3. Select timer option below:

A) For no-timer use: place hand or foot into lamp for motion-activated 120 seconds of operation.

B) For timer use: select desired 10/30/60 second timer and place hand or foot into lamp for motion-activated start. 

4. The LED digital countdown screen will begin and end once timer finishes.

5. Always disconnect from AC power adapter when finished with use. 

The Gradual Cure Function allows for a gradual and controlled LED/UV light release. This is ideal for sensitive nails and Sculpting Gel System use to eliminate heat spikes during curing time.


1. Once lamp is turned on, press the Gradual Cure button.

2. An automatic 99 second timer will be applied and the lamp will ready for motion-activated start. Place hand or foot to begin cure time. 

3. During this time, the U-Light Pro 6 will start off at a lower wattage and gradually increase wattage for a comfortable cure until reaching the full 48W of power.

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How to Redeem

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Choose from all colour product lines: 
3STEP Colour Gel Polish
UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish
Matching Set
PHASES Colour Changing Gel Polish
Rhinestone Gel Polish
BeBio Nail Lacquer
Dip Powder Colours

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
My first gel manicure was a success!

I had my first gel manicure at a salon in August and it took until December for my nails to stop peeling and breaking after the removal process. I figured, "how hard can this be to do myself?" As it turned out, not hard at all. I'm not interested in any fancy nail art so I was more than capable of doing a basic gel manicure that looked as good as what I received in the salon. And I will be sure not to buff my nails into oblivion when I remove it.

It was so easy and fast, I can't believe everyone isn't doing this. Looking forward to getting better and better so I can do the fancy stuff.

Taryn DiNova-Owl
Wonderful starter kit!

My mom loved having her nails done by me for a pre-Christmas manicure! The starter kit is a wonderful entry point for someone looking to get into the nail industry or to just get salon quality at home. I used shade #199 Emerald and the Top polish on my mom and she loves the quality! I would highly recommend this kit to anyone.

Great gel polish kit for beginners!

This kit is AMAZING. If you’re tired of overpaying for gel manicures at the salon, then this kit is for you! I wanted to try it out a few times before leaving a review to make sure it met all of my needs and it has exceeded them. My gel polish lasts just as long as the salon (2+ weeks) without chipping or peeling. I look forward to doing my own nails every 2-3 weeks.

daily go-to

happy with this set!

Salon quality at home

Really happy with this set. I was looking for a sustainable and more economical way to keep my nails looking good. This kit really lives up to that. The quality is salon grade and it provides all the tools you need including the unpolished gel remover (no more acetone cotton ball foils - although that is also included in the kit!).

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