UNITY All-In-One in the Sun! Gel Nails Without the Lamps

Bio Seaweed Gel’s UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish is the first professional gel polish with base, colour, top & nail strengtheners all-in-one bottle.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, UNITY is also the first professional gel polish to cure in the natural sunlight with no lamps needed!

1. After performing regular manicure and pedicure, wipe nails clean with 70 or 99% alcohol. This removes all dusts and oils. No harsh sanding, filing, primers or bonders needed.

2. INDOORS OR UNDER SHADE (never in the open direct sunlight): Apply the first thin coat of UNITY. The first coat is always translucent, don’t worry the second coat will be vibrant.

3. Place your hands or toes directly into the natural sunlight, either outside or through the window. Cure time takes from 30 seconds to 2 minutes, depending on the strength of the sun.

4. You can touch and feel when UNITY is completely cured, it will dry rock solid and smooth with no sticky residue!

5. INDOORS OR UNDER SHADE: Apply the second thin coat of UNITY and cure.

6. UNITY cures to the touch with no sticky residue, no need to wipe with any cleansers or alcohol!

7. OPTIONAL FOR HANDS: Finish with a coat of the BSG No-Wipe Top Gel Polish. Paint this again indoors or under shade and place in direct sunlight to cure for 2 minutes. The No-Wipe Top cures to the touch with no sticky residue, so you can also touch and feel when it is dry!
Use the No-Wipe Top Gel Polish for an extreme shine finish that will last for weeks.